Advanced Transportation

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Increases in all modes of travel globally are inevitable. Larger numbers of people will be driving passenger vehicles. On road delivery of goods and services will continue into the foreseeable future. Light commercial, helicopter and commercial airlines are projected to see continued growth over the next 20 years. Transit and mobility demands of all types are growing by necessity in densely populated areas across the globe. We will examine advanced transportation technologies that may provide solutions to our transit, emissions and infrastructure challenges.

  • Alternative Fuels
  • Advanced Vehicle Propulsion
  • Energy Efficient Freight Solutions
  • Aviation & Aerodynamics
  • Transit
  • Personal Mobility & New Business Models

Past Speaker Companies – Advanced Transportation

adamworks agribotix AOPA boulder ev CMCA Colorado FEVER Project
cummins denver bcycle DIA DRCOG falcon uav GM
helios lightning hybrids methode Mission Motors Optibike Regional Air Quality Council
RideKick Roaring Fork Transportation Authority RTD Rush Trucking Center Sturman Industries SwiftTram
Tesla Motors Toyota University of Denver VorBlade WeatherCloud William Payne and Associates
Debra Wilcox, 2012 Department Head
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