Natural Gas

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natural gas

We have expanded upon our original curriculum to include a look at the synergies between advanced energy technologies and natural gas. The growth in the natural gas industry provides interesting opportunities, and challenges, for the advanced energy market. While natural gas has long been viewed as a bridge-fuel, there are extensive opportunities for natural gas and advanced energy technologies to work together in the near-term to expand the role of both industries in the world’s fuel mix.

  • Cogeneration – the perfect partnership for cleantech and natural gas?
  • Biochemical and biofuels – how does cheap NG affect these markets?
  • How does cheap gas affect the expansion of wind and solar?
  • Transportation opportunities
  • Fuel cells

Past Speaker Companies – Natural Gas

Balmar Petroleum Bentek Energy Calfrac Well Services Fractech Mercator Energy Pace Global
Performance Sciences Ward Alternative Energy
Mark Verheyen, 2013 Fellow
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